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Exercise is the Elixir of Youth!

Age Well Fitness

Review the exercises from the August 22nd Workshop.

It really is. It’s that simple. Stop wasting your money on so-called “anti-aging” products. Give up the search for the magic potion that will keep you looking and feeling young. All you need to do is move. As much as possible. Keep every body part strong and limber. Move fast enough to keep your cardiovascular system in peak health. Lift weights, or perform some other form of resistance training (e.g., Pilates), to keep your bones strong and your muscles powerful. Develop your core strength to protect aging joints. Work on your flexibility to maintain full range of motion. And challenge your balance to ensure you never lose it. Fiona will design a program for you based on your specific needs.

Are you interested in learning more about issues related to aging? Fiona’s husband, Dr. John Daly, a retired professor of geriatric medicine at UCSD, will give free monthly seminars on topics relating to senior health.  

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