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equipose pilates, fallbrook caNo matter what level of rider you are, or what riding style you prefer, Pilates can make you better.


  • PilatesPoor posture off the horse means poor posture on the horse.  Correct posture will keep you centered on your horse and gives your horse freedom to move naturally.

EquiPoise-Pilates.comPilates develops body awareness.  Without body awareness you don’t know if you’re off balance…but your horse does. If you are aware of your body and constantly monitor your seat, making adjustments as needed, you will become a better, more consistent rider and your horse will become the athlete he or she is designed to be. 

EquiPoise-Pilates.com Pilates teaches you how to strengthen your core and core strength is the key to providing stability and preventing injuries. A strong core is also crucial in the development of an independent seat, an essential asset for allowing your horse freedom of movement. 



A strong core gives you strength and flexibility.  It supports movements that require balance, improves stability, prevents falls and facilitates everyday tasks.   EquiPoise-Pilates.com

When you have strong core muscles all of your daily activities become easier, injuries become less likely, and simple, graceful, fluid motion becomes second nature.  A strong core is needed in riding just as it is needed on a daily basis.  Every time we climb on our horse, we are constantly engaging the core.   Imagine your last ride….

Did you need to use your core to mount? Did you need to twist and bend to get your stirrups correct? Did you need to lean over and adjust any equipment? Open any gates? Trot? Post? Canter? Maneuver any obstacles? 

All of these actions engaged your core.  Do you think you could have an easier ride if your core was stronger?

Pilates focuses on core strength, flexibility, and body awareness to support graceful flowing movements and improved posture. Working with Fiona on the Pilates apparatus or in mat classes will help you meet your riding and physical goals. Learn exercises you can do alone at home or at the barn. Pilates provides you with the body awareness that will enable you to improve your posture and develop strength, endurance, balance and flexibility, all of which will aid in your riding, overall health and ease of movement.

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